Sunday, July 5, 2009


aku suka tgk cerita ny..
tjk dia spt tjk en3 aku kali ny..
asal aku blk klaz jewk,mesti tgk cerita ny..
act,cerita ny da habis..
ganti cerita r0mantic princess..
Six boys with different personalities and backgrounds are notified that they share the same father. On top of that, they are entitled to a huge inheritance. However, there is only one catch: they must attend the same school and live together in the same house for a year. In the end, they become from total strangers to close brothers, as well as making themselves adaptable to the changes in their life.
However, the six brothers not only have to deal with their uneasiness and dislike for one another, but also everything the nine mean girls (Da Ya, Gui Gui, Ya Tou, Tong Tong, Xiao Xun, Xiao Man, Apple, Mei Mei and Xiao Jie) would do to make their school days a living hell for them. Unknown to the other nine girls, Ya Tou is actually the housekeeper of the brothers' mansion.
To add to their stress, someone is after their inheritance, trying to make them break their contract, and is sending people to their school to do so.
Meanwhile, love blossoms among the brothers and their classmates.

bang-bang tang (lolyp0p)

Owodog as Ao Quan (Chinese: 敖犬; pinyin: Áo Quǎn) - The eldest brother. Cool, funny, and responsible. He usually acts as leader for the younger brothers. He has been class monitor until Xiao Ma took it away from him. He dates the spokesperson for the girls in their class, Da Ya.
Prince as Wang Zi (Chinese: 王子; pinyin: Wáng Zǐ) - The second brother. Calm, smart, and elegant. He tends to act cold in front of everybody. Sometimes, he would take the lead for his brothers, and sometimes he is the cook of the family. He ends up dating the mischievous Gui Gui.
Fabien as Xiao Yu (Chinese: 小煜; pinyin: Xiǎo Yù) - The third brother. His passion for music is the only thing that's important to him, and is therefore in no interest of inheriting his father's money. He has a crush on the class' smartest girl, Xiao Xun, but she despises him for his ignorance. At the same time, he becomes friends with another girl named Mei Mei.
LilJay as Xiao Jie (Chinese: 小傑; pinyin: Xiǎo Jié) - The fourth brother. Sporty and athletic. He had lost his memory at one point in the story, but eventually recovers. He has a crush on their housekeeper, Ya Tou, and would always fight with A-Wei for her heart. But he ends up dating the clumsy Xiao Jie.
William as Wei Lian (Chinese: 威廉; pinyin: Wēi Lián) - The fifth brother. Naive and kind. He likes bicycling. Wei Lian has a crush on Rong Jia, who is one older year than him. Though she looks at him as a little brother at first, he eventually wins her heart with his naivety.
Wayne as A-Wei (Chinese: 阿緯; pinyin: Ā Wěi) - The youngest brother. Dancer and energetic. Of all the brothers in the family, he is the most inexistant one. Because he and Xiao Jie have a crush on their housekeeper, Ya Tou, they would constantly fight for her heart. He usually pays more attention to Ya Tou even when he is among beautiful girls.

hey girls

Da Ya as Da Ya (Chinese: 大牙; pinyin: Dà Yá) - The voice of reason. Strong and tough. She tends to think logical and fair. After spending time with Ao Quan, they fall in love.
Gui Gui as Gui Gui (Chinese: 鬼鬼; pinyin: Guǐ Guǐ) - The most mischievous girl in the class. She can do tricks most people usually cannot. Of all the girls in class, she is the only one who knows of Ya Tou's secret identity. She has been in love with Wang Zi ever since their first day, and eventually wins his heart.
Yako as Ya Tou (Chinese: 丫頭; pinyin: Yā Tóu) - The brothers' housekeeper. Kind and hardworking. No one other than Gui Gui knows of her identity. The brothers' father took her in ever since she lost her mother as a kid. Ah Wei confessed to her once, and though she did not respond, her expression was clear that she wanted to accept him.
Julie Cai as Tong Tong (Chinese: 彤彤; pinyin: Tóng Tóng) - The former class monitress. She is always tough in front of boys. She once dated a cool schoolmate named Xiao Ma, but their relationship ended after she found out he was using her for his tricks against the brothers.
Mei Mei as Mei Mei - Tong Tong's best friend. She has a crush on Xiao Yu, but because he likes Xiao Xun, she is torn between happiness and sorrow. In the end, she decides to let go and help them get together.
Albee as Xiao Xun (Chinese: 小薰; pinyin: Xiǎo Xūn) - The smartest girl in the class. Her personality resembles much of Wang Zi's, and because of that, they often spend time together. Though she did not like Xiao Yu at first, she eventually has a change of heart.
Apple as Apple - Rich and fun-loving, she is Da Ya's best friend. In the later episodes, we find out that her family has evoked in a financial crisis, and that she is forced to work to pay for her father's debt. When Da Ya finds out about this, she decides to help her out.
Mini as Xiao Jie (Chinese: 筱捷; pinyin: Xiǎo Jié) - A real klutz and bad at everything she does. She was once picked to participate in a rollerskating competition, but because she couldn't harness even the easiest tricks, she has the fourth brother, Xiao Jie take her place instead. Ever since then, she has had a crush on him, which she reveals in the final episode and the two of them end up dating.
Xiao Man as Xiao Man (Chinese: 小蠻; pinyin: Xiǎo Mán) - The resident fortune-teller of their school. She brings her Tarot cards wherever she goes.
Ke En as Ke En (Chinese: 可恩; pinyin: Kě Ēn) - A girl student in their class. Of all the sisters, she has the fewest lines and the least screen time

mmg besh gila cerita ini...
suka sgt tgk pelak0n2 dia..
semua nye kiuwt2..
tp aku admire gila kart prince & mei-mei,sbb dorang tersangat lah kiuwt..
btw,c0wie r en3 kali ini in english..
aku mls r nak translete in BM..
sbb aku c0py & paste kart wikipedia..
hehehe..aku berat tgn lah..


  1. ptt la muke cm amoi comey..
    minat nan ney upe yea.. :P

  2. hahaha..
    capew yg mnt tgk cite cine,
    muka akan berubah jd am0i kew??



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